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  • Ridale

    Independent state in the [[Talus Lake]] region. Ridale is government by a head of state who is both state govenor and mayor of [[Ridale City]].

    The current head of state is [[:howard-hisdal | Lord Howard Hisdal]]

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  • White Claw Keep

    White Claw Keep is an aging castle and village that has seen better days. Situated up the [[Silk River]] from [[Ridale City]], it was once used as a stronghold to defend against threats from the mountains north of [[Ridale]].

    The keep was …

  • Ridale City

    Ridale City is the capitol of [[Ridale]] and the largest metropolitan area in the state. It is situated on the coast of [[Talus Lake]] and is the meeting point of both the [[Gem River]] and the [[Silk River]]


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